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    Fillings in San Marcos, CA

    When a tooth is chipped, not properly formed, or decayed, a metal or composite (white) filling may be used to restore the tooth. This can prevent more extensive damage where a crown may be necessary. For small cavities, these fillings are very durable and can last many years if maintained properly by good oral hygiene. Depending on the size and location of the cavity we may numb the area using local anesthesia and place a rubber dam (barrier) to protect your child’s airway and prevent excessive water in the mouth. The cavity is then removed and filled.

    Fillings are simple and routine procedures and the team here at Pediatric Dentistry of San Marcos has had special training for performing these procedures on children, so you can be sure your child will be safe and properly cared for.

    The entire procedure can be done in a single visit and is covered by most insurance providers.

    Looking for more information about fillings? Or are you ready to schedule an appointment for your child? Simply call Pediatric Dentistry of San Marcos at 760-798-2825 or visit our office in person. Here at Pediatric Dentistry of San Marcos, we’re always happy to meet a new smiling face, so don’t hesitate to call!