Why Would My Child Need A Dental Crown?

Good dental hygiene and regular dental exams and cleanings are the best ways to keep your child’s smile healthy and sound. However, there may come a time when your trusted team at Pediatric Dentistry may recommend a dental crown. Here’s all you need to know about dental crowns and why your child may require one. 

What Are Dental Crowns? 

Dental crowns are restorations that fully encase the visible portions of a damaged baby tooth’s structure, restoring your child’s healthy smile. They stay in place until your child’s permanent teeth are ready to come in.

At Pediatric Dentistry of San Marcos, we offer different crown materials, including stainless steel, tooth-colored composite resin, and white zirconia crowns.

  • Stainless Steel: Stainless steel crowns are incredibly strong and durable, offering an excellent solution to restore the back teeth. 
  • Tooth-Colored Composite Resin: These crowns offer an aesthetic solution to restore the front teeth, delivering seamless smiles. 
  • White Zirconia: Zirconia crowns can be used on the back teeth in some cases – we only recommend them if we believe they offer the best long-term restorative solution for your child’s smile. 

Why Would Your Child Need a Dental Crown? 

We may recommend a dental crown for the following reasons: 

  • Severe Tooth Decay: Deep decay is the most common reason a child may need a dental crown. If a cavity is too large to be filled with a dental filling, a dental crown will restore the tooth’s function and prevent further damage. 
  • To Support a Large Filling: A tooth with a large filling may be weak and prone to fracture. A dental crown will strengthen the affected tooth’s structure and preserve it until it’s time for it to fall out naturally. 
  • A Cracked or Chipped Tooth: A cracked or chipped tooth may require a dental crown to prevent further breakage and protect the inner pulp. Your little one’s restoration will strengthen and support the affected tooth’s structure. 
  • A pulpotomy is needed: A pulpotomy may be needed to save a tooth with a cavity close to the nerve, restoring its health and function and preventing infection. A dental crown will protect the tooth after treatment, preventing further damage. 

What Is the Crown Placement Process?

We will start treatment by numbing the area and administering nitrous oxide sedation, if needed, to ensure your little one is comfortable and free of stress. Next, we will prepare the affected tooth, shaping it to make room for your child’s restoration. The last step is placing the crown, restoring your child’s oral health. 

Pediatric Dental Crowns Near Me in San Marcos, CA

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