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    Pediatric Dentistry of San Marcos


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    Dental Hygiene in San Marcos, CA

    An essential part of maintaining your child’s oral health is having regular professional cleanings.

    During your cleaning appointment, we will

    • Remove plaque and tartar. Plaque is a sticky film containing bacteria that attack tooth enamel, causing cavities and inflaming the gums. Plaque left on teeth over time hardens and becomes calculus (tartar), which can only be removed with dental instruments through a lengthy process. Without proper care, plaque and tartar can lead to gum disease.
    • Polish teeth. When age appropriate, this final step removes minor stains and any remaining plaque, making teeth their whitest and brightest!
    • Treat with fluoride. We will place a fluoride treatment to help their teeth stay strong and prevent cavities.

    For most children, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends a professional cleaning at least every six months to keep their mouths healthy and avoid the number one chronic childhood infection, tooth decay.

    While these cleanings are important, one must not forget regular dental hygiene at home! In order to keep your child’s young and emerging teeth healthy, it is essential that he or she brushes at least twice a day and flosses at least once a day. This removes most plaque and food residue that leads to plaque and bacteria before any dental issues like cavities can manifest.

    Contrary to what many believe, a toothbrushes bristles should be soft rather than firm. Soft bristles can more easily access and clean small nooks and crannies in a child’s mouth. Additionally, when brushing, special attention should be paid to your child’s back teeth; very often food particles may become trapped there, creating a superb breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

    Need more information on professional dental cleanings or daily oral care at home? Ready to schedule your child’s dental cleaning appointment? Call 760-798-2825 today to get started. We can’t wait to meet you here at Pediatric Dentistry of San Marcos!